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HEY DUDES!! This is my first time around this Murder Game group (I think??? Maybe???) so here's some contact stuff:

PEAK PLAY TIMES: 7pm-11pm EST! I am at work/commuting generally between 8am and 6pm weekdays. On Weekends I make poor decisions and can stay up til stupid o'clock at night!

Contact: I'm rileyboi @ plurk and my plurk is public! I DO NOT get pings however, so just flag me down in a recent plurk and I will see you.

If you need something answered/my attention for something ASAP and it's in the middle of the week? Shoot me an email at masterofmon at gmail. I only occasionally check plurk on my phone through the day, but I can check email fairly regularly.

I'll be hanging out in discord as 'Ash' when I'm home!

Permissions?? Consider this blanket permission to punch, kick, spit, stab, and otherwise hurt Mike, be it for serious business or comedic effect, I do not care.

Play style I'll usually adapt to whatever but I lean toward dialogue/action spam, but will gladly switch to short prose if that's easier to some folks! Just let me know.

Idk what else LETS ENJOYING FUN.
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"Beep Beep!"

ic inbox for [community profile] utopique

voice, text, or still photo
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Mike Chilton
Canon: Motorcity

Canon Point: Post Series

Age: 17

Alliance: Birch

Features: Wolf ears and tail, super slight canine fangs.
Notes: blockhead disney princess that's gotta go fast.

I'm usually down for most things and will also backtag forever. Don't really care about spoilers and have few squicks but if something comes up I'm not cool with I'll let yall know. Mike is based off a timber wolf and just has the ears and tails of one--the ears are mostly brown but the tail does that black-brown-white coloration thing.






Play Violence

Serious Violence


Maybe?? Really??

Yes Question Mark


SURE hope u like cars



Just tap me for whatever I roll with things as they come.
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Comment here and I'll give you an in depth perspective of what my character thinks of our CR!!

Note: Unless it was a REALLY FREAKING IN DEPTH THREAD, if they haven't had more than one thread, Mike probably defaults to: Pretty cool! GLAD THEY DIDN'T TRY TO KILL ME? and Apollo defaults to: [Name] [Age] [Species] [Kind of weird person?] in his mental and literal Court Record.

Paul still hates all yall he need not apply. HAVE AT.
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Yo! Leave a PM for MOTORMUTT

((Private Inbox for Mike @ Ryslig! Text or audio is fine, as is playing out continuations from maxed out posts!))


Jan. 27th, 2015 06:47 pm
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Promos and choice AMVS for Motorcity, just in case anyone wants to see how dang good it looks without actually watching it.

Rebels under yonder. )
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SO I HEAR YOU WANT TO WATCH MOTORCITY. Or maybe you don't, but I just keep yelling about it. Either way, now that you're here?? HOW DOES ONE WATCH MOTORCITY? Wait, what even IS Motorcity??

Well first of all you can watch the entire series streaming right here. Aside from one ep, Fearless, that's linked below.

Motorcity is about a group of friendly freedom fighters, The Burners!! Who try to take down the tyrant big bad, Abraham Kane (voiced by Mark Hamill THAT JUST TELLS YOU EVERYTHING). Kane went and built a City of the Future right on top of old Detroit, now dubbed Motorcity. Trying to set things right, or at least stop Kane from destroying what's left of Motorcity, Mike and the Burners engage in battleTM to protect both cities from baddies. And also race cars and play video games and junk.

"But Ash, I'm not all about mindless (though beautifully animated) action and blowing shit up! Will this REALLY appeal to me?" WHY YES, READ ON BELOW THE CUT.


These are all streaming links, but if you dig it, go pick it up on Itunes! Because that's literally the only place to buy it, sob. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME!1!
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CONTACT: rileyboi@plurk or email me at masterofmon@gmail.com
Weekdays: Usually am consistently only online between 7pm-10pm EST! I work an early as hell full-time job plus smaller jobs in between, so can't be up too late on weekdays! Will reply sporadically through the day if I am able.
Weekends: I am up til stupid o'clock on weekends so 80% of my rp time is then, especially during the late evenings.
Play style: I am up for adapting to whatever the other player's style is, though I tend to lean more dialogue heavy w/ action tags/body language! If you have a preference just let me know!! If I am around when I get a tag I tend to reply back fairly quickly, but please don't feel obligated to do the same! I am down with slow burn CR /)'w'(\

Also feel free to ask me anything/contact me through this post, too!

ETA Also I'm lazy so as of November this will double as a catch-all for me to gather activity threads. MINIMAL POSTS
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SUP I don't usually do HMD things, but since it's required and I know like, no one here, please feel free to hit this up for whatever! Need to contact me but don't want to use email/plurk? Want to plot something with me? Did I do something that bothered you but I'm super oblivious about?? Give me a shout! Thanks dudes.


Oct. 9th, 2014 12:49 pm
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snip snip )
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**Mike Chilton**
CONTACT INFORMATION rileyboi @ plurk/ masterofmon @ gmail
CHARACTER NAME Mike Chilton (Motorcity)
Age 17
Gem Fire Agate
Permissions Yooo I am generally up for whatever, and am a 'see how things go' kind of player.
NOTES MIKE IS RIDICULOUSLY FRIENDLY, HELLO. OOC-wise I tend to only play in the evenings due to work, and my reply time came vary from spamming out a thread in a couple hours to picking at it for over a week.

☆ CHEER UP (unlocked)
☆ Energy Staff
☆ Adrenaline Rush

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